Zambia – Africa

Working with the International  Bible College to create and maintain a computer lab for the students.  This college has the potential to change lives, not only the lives of the of students who will be trained, but of their future families and the thousands they will reach as they graduate and spread to regions across Africa.

Once full capacity is reached, the college will be able to facilitate the training of 600 students each year.


YouthCode – Des Moines

At YouthCode, we see coding as more than a technical skill. Coding is a 21st century life skill enabling youth to interact in new ways with the digital world as critical thinkers and problem solvers. Learning to code is a fun way for students to develop creativity and boost confidence while practicing math, strengthening writing skills and learning the basics of computer science. Coding can help move youth from being passive technology consumers to active contributors. To learn more, visit


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